Referral Program

Refer a friend and get Rewarded!

JRayl’s Referral Program is designed to gain new, valuable drivers by rewarding members of the JRayl organization for promoting JRayl CDL Class A Driving Job Opportunities to potential candidates. Word-of-mouth continues to be one of the most effective ways to find new driving talent in the trucking industry. JRayl has designed a program to recognize and reward a JRayl Employee for helping welcome great driving talent to JRayl.

How to refer another driver:

  1. Encourage a friend, family member, or fellow road warrior to apply as a driver at JRayl, and have them apply using your name as referrer.
  2. Once we receive the application, the new driver must meet our guidelines and pass a background check.
  3. The new driver must then complete paid orientation and training.
  4. After the new driver pulls their first JRayl load, CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!

For a JRayl employee to be rewarded for referring a driving candidate to JRayl, the potential candidate needs to include the name of the JRayl employee on their application in the referral section. Recruitment will monitor the applications and identify the JRayl employee who referred the applicant. Human Resources will coordinate how the JRayl employee will receive the prize based on the current Referral Program promotion guidelines.

JRayl has offered a Referral Program for several years. The program has rewarded JRayl Employees with money, televisions, and grills for simply recommending JRayl to CDL Class A Truck Drivers! The reward system varies but is always designed to engage the JRayl Family in the recruitment process. For more information regarding the program, please call Recruitment at 800-753-5050 or email: